"Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so." Acts 17:11


All believers are to obey the Great Commission as commanded by Christ in Matthew 28:18-20. We believe that God is a missionary God and is redeeming the lost souls through the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a church, we desire to fulfill this command locally and globally. We regularly hold outreach events and present evangelistic opportunities to the church. However, we believe that the most effective way of evangelism is by living a life as lights in the world.

Since 2001, Berean has been going to Asia for summer missions. We run English camps as an avenue to send evangelists abroad for the purpose of making disciples overseas. We take applications for summer missions in January and begin our training in March. The mission trips typically last for three weeks during the month of July. This opportunity is open to all members of the church. Our long-term goal is to send full-time missionaries abroad to plant churches.