Qualities of Biblical Love, Part 5

Passage: Romans 12:14
Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.

21 Qualities of Biblical Love:

(Part 1)

1.  Biblical love must be genuine.
2.  Biblical love must abhor what is evil.
3. Biblical love calls us to hold fast to what is good.
4.  Biblical love calls us to brotherly affection.
5.  Biblical love outdoes one another in showing honor.

(Part 2)

6. Biblical love is not slothful in zeal (v. 11a)
7. Biblical love fervently serves the Lord (v. 11b)

(Part 3)

8. Biblical love rejoices in hope (v. 12a)
9. Biblical love is patient in tribulation (v. 12b)
10. Biblical love is constant in prayer (v. 12c)

(Part 4

11. Biblical love contributes to the needs of the saints and seeks to show hospitality (v. 13)

(Part 5)

12. Biblical love blesses, not curses, when persecuted (v. 14)

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