Berean participates in overseas missions work in two countries: China and India. We send out short- and long-term workers and support their ongoing efforts in these countries.

China Missions

We have been involved with gospel work in China for many years. We send short-term teams every summer and have sent longer-term missionaries from within our body to support the outreach there.

In 2015, we sent out Pastor Han and his family to Asia as full-time missionaries. The Missionary Care (M-Care) team supports the Han family through regular communication, prayer, sending care packages and facilitating financial assistance. Our summer teams also go each year to encourage and work alongside the Hans in their ministry.

Pastor Mark Lim oversees the China summer missions efforts. For more information, contact Pastor Mark (

India Missions

Our work in India is to support the local village pastors in the Andhra Pradesh region. The pastors minister under the name Berean India Missions (BIM). Every year, we send optometrists and other medical professionals to provide healthcare services to villagers who don’t have access to any such care. Our hope is to provide a platform for the pastors to preach the gospel where they might not have had an open door before.

We also have begun to partner with other churches in India to provide pastoral training for village pastors, most of whom have not received formal theological training through seminary.

Our long-term goal is to get behind these pastors' work and assist in whatever ways we can that they might continue to spread the gospel to unreached areas of India.

Pastor Peter Kim oversees our India missions efforts. James Hong will be the point person for India Missions beginning in 2018. Please contact Pastor Peter ( for more information.