Dedication of the Temple

Passage: 2 Chron. 6-7

New Building – Dedication Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being patient with us and so faithful with all your promises. You truly are a God of compassion and mercy. Your righteous judgment and Decree is true from generation to generation.

We want to dedicate this church to you for your glory.

Let this place be a place where we truly love one another as Christ loved us that the world will know we are His disciples. Help us to make every effort to live in peace and unity with one another in genuine love before we come to worship each week. I pray that our fellowship will be a reflection of your patient love for us. Protect us from the devil’s work to divide and conquer. Protect us from our own pride that causes us to want to be heard rather than to hear. Help us to desire to serve rather than to be served.

We pray that Berean Community Church will be a place where sinners will find forgiveness and refuge in you. Help us to embrace and love the outcasts and hurting sinners. I pray that you would protect us from becoming self-focused but to look upward and outward at all times.

Help us to recognize that you are sovereign over all things that we may turn to you as our primary answer. Help us to walk in the Spirit at all times and not grieve the Spirit in how we live and build this church.

We pray that when you send the lost and heavy laden that they would find a home in your earthly kingdom. Help us to never forget why you’ve established this church and sent your only begotten Son to die for this church. Help us to love whom you love and to bring the light to the dark world we live in who are desperate in need of reconciliation with you.

Help us to recognize that true victory in Christ can only be had in abiding in Him.

We pray that the leaders will be humble servants more than dynamic leaders. Men of righteousness, above reproach. First to serve and last to react in anger.

We pray that we would be first lover of Christ and His church before lovers of anything else.

We pray that Berean Community Church will be a house of prayer above all things where people can come and meet you.

Hear our prayers and be attentive to the singing and worship given to you in this place Lord.

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